January Furniture Show

22-25 January 2023

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+Furniture Collection

17-20 July 2022

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Top Drawer

11-13 September 2022

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Home & Gift Buyers Festival

17-20 July 2022

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J January Furniture Show
FS 22-25 January 2023
M +Furniture Collection
FS 17-20 July 2022
T Top Drawer
D 11-13 September 2022
home Home & Gift Buyers Festival
&gift 17-20 July 2022
Includo Free-Standing Sliding Door Dressers Martin Staud GmbH Includo by Martin Staud GmbH https://clarion-prod.s3-eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/public/treniq-assets/products/5434/small/Includo-_Martin-Staud-GmbH-_Treniq_1_1626271910029.jpg?1626271909 1621 available for order new
Martin Staud GmbH


All INCLUDO wardrobes have a high-quality interior finish with a Texline decor. The 2- or 3-door sliding door wardrobe range is equipped with an extremely practical T-division and a drawer insert with two drawers(with soft close). The smooth slide of the INCLUDO sliding doors is comfortably damped by an integrated damper set.

Style Contemporary
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