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Thin Living Room Set Cabinets Arte-N Thin Living Room Set by Arte-N https://clarion-prod.s3-eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/public/treniq-assets/products/33367/small/Thin_Set.jpg?1642662925 7049 available for order new

Thin Living Room Set

Whole Set Includes: Dimensions of the whole unit: W340cm x H197cm x D45cm. 1 x Tall Display Cabinet. 1 x Display Cabinet. 1 x TV Cabinet . 1 x Shelf Tall Display Cabinet:Dimensions: W60cm x H197cm x D40cm. Two Hinged Doors. Four Shelves [Two Glass]. Powered LED included. Weight - 56kg. Display Cabinet:Dimensions: W100cm x H123cm x D40cm. Four Hinged Doors. Three Shelves. Weight - 57kg. TV Cabinet:Dimensions: W150cm x H47cm x D45cm. Three Hinged Doors. Three Shelves [One Glass]. Powered LED included. Weight - 50kg. Shelf:Dimensions: W150cm x H10cm x D20m . Weight - 6kg. Colour: Wotan Oak with Black decor. Glassdoor on the Black Aluminium Frame. Push-To-Open System. Black Legs. Matching Furniture Available. The carcass is made from 16mm high-quality laminated board. Fixings for wall mounting will not be included as you need ones specific for your type of wall.

Weight 169.0 kg
Height 1970.0 mm
Width 3400.0 mm
Depth 450.0 mm
Lead Time Within 6 Weeks
Style Contemporary
  • Thin Living Room Set
  • Arte-N
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