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Stags Head Mirror Mirrors Ancient Mariner Furniture Stags Head Mirror by Ancient Mariner Furniture https://clarion-prod.s3-eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/public/treniq-assets/products/623/small/Stags-Head-Mirror_Ancient-Mariner-Furniture_Treniq_1_1622788289488.jpg?1622788344 537 available for order new
Ancient Mariner Furniture

Stags Head Mirror

Our Fair Isle Stags Head Mirror can be hung on a wall or is large enough to rest on the ground as a floor mirror. It features a stag’s head at the top with black antlers. Have this in your lounge, hallway, bedroom or wherever and it will look magnificent. It will make any room appear more spacious and airy – and will reflect in natural daylight and the beauty of the outside if placed alongside or opposite a window.

Weight 3.75 kg
Height 87.0 mm
Width 41.0 mm
Depth 14.0 mm
Lead Time Within 2 Weeks
Style Rustic
  • Stags Head Mirror
  • Ancient Mariner Furniture
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