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19-22 January 2025

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08-10 September 2024

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10-11 July 2024

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21-24 July 2024

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Sloe Gin – No 15 50Cl Tin Alcohol alternatives Gin In A Tin Sloe Gin – No 15 50Cl Tin by Gin In A Tin https://clarion-prod.s3-eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/public/treniq-assets/products/36340/small/Gin-In-A-Tin-Sloe-Gin-Round-Tin-Cut-Out-Website-980x899.jpg?1649847092 7963 available for order new
Gin In A Tin

Sloe Gin – No 15 50Cl Tin

A true English sloe gin is defined by its smoothness. The result is a sloe gin of balance in which you will find hints of orange and plum, alongside delicious fruity notes from the wild, foraged berries. Serving Suggestions Classically enjoyed neat throughout the colder season, as a warming companion to a brisk winter’s walk or in a hip flask on a days shooting. A splash of sloe gin also pairs perfectly with sparkling wine to create a Sloe Royale which can be enjoyed as a refreshing summer cocktail or as a wonderful celebratory drink to devour at any time of the year! For Food Lovers The balance of sweet and sharp notes from the sloe berries is a fantastic companion with game dishes. Use instead of red wine to create a rich, complex base for venison or duck casseroles. Allergen Advice: May Contain Wheat.

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  • Sloe Gin – No 15 50Cl Tin
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