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19-22 January 2025

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08-10 September 2024

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10-11 July 2024

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Bee Velvet Cushion Cushions Tracey Cooper Bee Velvet Cushion by Tracey Cooper https://clarion-prod.s3-eu-west-3.amazonaws.com/public/treniq-assets/products/9600/small/Bee.jpg?1631702990 2403 available for order new
Tracey Cooper

Bee Velvet Cushion

Luxurious Velvet Bumble Bee Cushion. 45cm x 45cm with Feather Inner.Who doesn’t love a Bumble Bee, this realistic bumble bee illustration celebrates the beauty of Bees, one of the most important insects on our planet and sadly on decline? This detailed illustration is bold against the yellow background making the Bee really stand out. This is a unique statement piece which will have you buzzing with excitement about your interiors.

Height 450.0 mm
Width 450.0 mm
Depth 150.0 mm
Lead Time Within 2 Weeks
Style Contemporary
Occasion Birthday
Brand Value Handmade, UK made, Women Owned
  • Bee Velvet Cushion
  • Tracey Cooper
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