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January Furniture Show

19-22 January 2025

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08-10 September 2024

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Manchester Furniture Show

10-11 July 2024

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Home & Gift Buyers Festival

21-24 July 2024

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Loaningside, Balfron
Glasgow, Stirlingshire
G63 0QF



Iona Buchanan Ltd makes a range of homewares, kitchen linens, ceramics, stationery and giclee prints based on original images by Iona Buchanan. Iona Buchanan is a botanical illustrator by training and the company’s products are typified by designs that use striking, closely observed images of nature. The company also undertakes commissions to develop complete product ranges for retailers seeking products specific to their location or business. A number of existing products can be ‘personalised’ for specific retailers with the addition of a location or company name. The company also develops new products in their own right, notably the award-winning Bread Warmers, and is also developing a range of humorous cartoons. Founded in 2017, the company works with a growing range of boutique retailers, especially in popular tourist and holiday locations, as well as garden centres. It is based in Scotland, just outside Glasgow. All of its products, with the exception of the bamboo fabric hangers, are designed, printed and finished in the UK.



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