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January Furniture Show

19-22 January 2025

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Top Drawer

08-10 September 2024

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Manchester Furniture Show

10-11 July 2024

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Home & Gift Buyers Festival

21-24 July 2024

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Gabrielle has a lifelong love of colour, floral prints and fine fabrics combined with an appreciation of all things vintage, quirky and quintessentially British, which she expresses in her designs... Designed in the UK, Gabrielle Parker's clothing and accessories are produced in India at small family-run businesses with whom she works closely and has been working together, for over seventeen years. These are fair-trade companies and Gabrielle has seen their businesses grow alongside hers and benefit the wider community. The working environments are lively, happy and safe, where the staff are treated very well and no children are ever employed. Gabrielle visits them twice a year, to work with and supervise the production of her new fabrics and collections. The fabric we use is a beautiful quality soft and fluid faux silk/polyester. We absolutely love this fabric and the way it drapes, which is why we have decided to work with it. There is a lot of confusion about this fabric, which is known in India as, "sari silk". Almost all the "sari silk" or "upcycled sari silk" made into western style clothing and found in the UK is actually a high quality polyester. We discovered this ourselves only recently, and as we value transparency, we wanted to make this clear.



Gabrielle Parker