January Furniture Show

22-25 January 2023

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Manchester Furniture Show

17-19 July 2022

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Top Drawer

15-17 January 2023

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Home & Gift Buyers Festival

17-20 July 2022

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J January Furniture Show
FS 22-25 January 2023
M Manchester Furniture Show
FS 17-19 July 2022
T Top Drawer
D 15-17 January 2023
home Home & Gift Buyers Festival
&gift 17-20 July 2022

What's Trending for S/S22

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Last week, design-led buying event, Top Drawer, opened its doors to retail buyers for the S/S22 edition, and waiting just inside were four not-to-be-missed trends curated by The Better Trends Co. A trends agency with a difference, The Better Trends Co. endeavours to de-mystify trend forecasting, making it more applicable to brands in real-time by helping them understand what their customers will be wanting next. 

For those who missed the show, or for anyone simply wanting another look, here we break down the four trends you need to know as we move into the new season.


Slow Rituals

In a post-covid world, we are all seeking rituals to reduce anxiety and are prioritising space for stillness and mindful moments, especially within our homes. Cooking, reading and resting are done with intention, and everyday items are elevated and more highly valued; becoming a design statement as much as they are a tool of practicality. Smoothed out geometrics in natural stones, ceramic and glass meet muted neutrals that are calming through a complementary palette of meditative blue and grounding deep tan. 

Positive Reinforcement

This trend is all about playfulness and positivity, inspired by the need for fun, release, hope and joy in a post-covid time. In the minimalist, digital-first world we find ourselves in, this trend pushes back by favouring analogy past times and 90’s-influenced tactility. A smattering of fluid, irregular shapes resembles much-needed spontaneity and creativity. Marbling, florals and simplistic graphics pop to life with lime that is modernised through accents of clear, bright cobalt and orange accents. 

New Heirlooms

An unstable world makes us look back towards the comforts of the past; often making an heirloom-lover of us all. Driven by the desire for emotional connection coupled with increasingly eco-focused values, circular design and process is a more important part of product stories than ever before. Here, recreating history, the resemblance of family lineage, and acquiring cherished items for the future are driving purchasing forces. Reassuring, cosy knits and appliques adorned with ditsy wallpaper prints are key. A palette of warm peach, orange and sage are anchored with dust blue and sage green. 

Earthen Artistry

Driven by the desire to re-engage with nature, give greater contributions to community and give back, creatives are turning to natural materials, traditional crafts and woodland inspiration within their work. Outdoor healing is materialised through floral and leaf motifs, woodblock prints, unstructured line drawings, embroidery, and foraged materials. Uneven textures and finishes enhance natural imperfections, and forest greens, browns and olives are contrasted with clear blues and ambers.

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Written by Jordan Evans
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Written by Jordan Evans