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FS 17-19 July 2022
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Welcome to the age of the altbash

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If you haven’t heard of the phrase ‘altbash’, it’s time to get acquainted. After a couple of tumultuous years, it’s of little surprise that we are happily jumping at any opportunity for celebration, connection and fun. Identified by Pinterest as one of the top trends for 2022, an altbash is essentially any cause for celebration outside of the traditional moments and milestones. Think: Quitting your job, getting divorced, adopting a pet, paying off your mortgage, or the kids leaving the nest…


In their most recent trend report, Pinterest shared that searches for ‘adopt a pet party ideas’ soared by 85%, whilst those for a ‘divorce party’ saw a growth of 85%. At face value, this seems like a trend that would appeal to Zoomers and Millenials, however highlighting that it indeed transcends generations is the 40% increase in searches for ‘empty nest photo shoot’. 

So, if you’re a retailer, buyer or designer - what should you be thinking about when it comes to altbashes in 2022?

More celebration does not mean more waste

A (very reasonable) fear when it comes to more celebration is of course the risk of more waste. However, with the increased shift in customer mindset towards sustainability, this doesn’t appear to be the case. This past Christmas, we saw an increased amount of year-round celebration accessories that could be used on multiple occasions. This could be unspecific bunting, fairy lights, organic confetti, and hard-wearing, reusable picnicware. What’s more, it could create an opportunity for the rental revenue model to grow. 

The giftable lens has never been more important 

With this desire to commemorate traditionally under-celebrated milestones, the frequency of consumers buying gifts will only increase. Use social media and your website to highlight perfect gifts for various occasions and price-points year-round, putting fun takes on traditional gift guides with these new themes in mind. 

An opportunity to think outside of the box 

For creatives across the retail and design industry, this is an incredibly exciting opportunity to really get creative. Reimagine these everyday moments and elevate them to a cause for celebration through greeting cards, gift boxes, recipe kits… the world is your oyster!  

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Written by Jordan Evans
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Written by Jordan Evans