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FS 17-19 July 2022
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5 ways to build brand loyalty in 2022

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A recent report from Smile.io has shown that whilst repeat customers make up just 8% of an online store’s traffic, they represent 41% of its revenue. Further, as retail expert Catherine Erdly told us last year, on average, loyal customers spend 65% more than brand new ones.

With all of this in mind, it can be suggested that retail brands should be shifting their primary focus away from growing their customer base to strengthening their existing one. 

It’s not easy to establish brand loyalty, especially in a world where new brands and designs are always just a scroll or click away, however, keeping these five tips in mind will certainly get you on the way. 


1) Consult them throughout the creative process

The number one way to get customers to care about your business is to make them feel like they are a part of it. If you are a designer, use social media to get their input on colours or patterns. If you are a retailer, ask them what they’re looking to see for Christmas or how they like to see products displayed. I recently received a parcel from Swedish fashion brand, ASKET, which was packaged in a plain bag with a note that explained they were testing new, more sustainable options. The note came with a QR code linked to a survey to share my thoughts on the packaging, with a 10% discount for feedback. 


2) Share the journey 

Customers want to connect to the people they are buying from. Use your social media channels, newsletter and blog to share behind the scenes content. Take your customers with you to trade shows and on photo shoots, talk them through your design process and showcase new products as you unbox them. 


3) Prioritise customer service

A recent survey across the UK and US by Stella Connect by Medallia showed that 53% of customers had stopped buying from a brand following a poor customer experience; up from 33% the year before. Speedy and effective customer service has never been more important and should be a main focus for retail brands in 2022. Automation and a clear customer service strategy are key to retail success in today’s world. 


4) Make selling secondary

The word ‘community’ gets thrown around a lot these days, but it really is the only way to build deep, long-lasting relationships with customers. Reframe your messaging around value rather than selling, and think of other ways you can connect with them. In addition to promoting new products, you could share insightful videos about how to care for or repurpose ones already purchased. Another idea would be to create a Facebook Group where your most passionate customers can chat about the things they have in common, and showcase how they use or style your products. 


5) Reward loyalty 

No advertising or promotion is as influential as an impassioned testimonial from someone who has already experienced your brand. Keep note of these people; the ones that should loudly on your behalf and keep coming back. Reward them for this loyalty and strengthen that connection even further - throw in the odd treat, offer a discount here and there, and invite them to special events and launches. 

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Written by Jordan Evans
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Written by Jordan Evans