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TRENDS: Regency Revolution

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As fans of the show eagerly await season two, today we’re delving into the effect Bridgerton has had on the interior, fashion and design landscape. 

Claiming the title of Netflix’s most-watched original of all time shortly after its premiere (63 million households and counting), it’s of little surprise that with the popularity of the show, so too grew the prevalence of Regency-era styles.

Google searches for interiors inspired by the period grew an astounding 9,500%, whilst the term ‘corsets’ saw an upshot of 123% and 'empire line dresses' by 93%. The show’s soundtrack, which features orchestral covers of contemporary songs has more than 250,000 followers and luxury online furniture retailer, The French Bedroom Company, reported a 25% increase in sales of four-poster beds and ornate gold furniture - with customers specifically requesting the ‘Bridgerton Look’. 

Dubbed Cottagecore’s more regal cousin by many forecasters, Regencycore embodies the same sense of whimsy, but in a far more polished way. Much like the show, fans of the style do not pride themselves on historical accuracy, rather taking inspiration to create a unique reimagining of the era’s opulence, charm, and sense of occasion. 

With 8 books in the Bridgerton series, it seems the Regency Revolution is here to stay… fortunately the sophisticated textures, colour palette, patterns and details associated with the period are the very definition of timeless. 

So, this is how you can embrace the style in your own designs, store or space:

  • Abandon eclectic styling and instead employ symmetry wherever possible. 

  • Make metallics a focal point, with gilded features a must. 

  • Take inspirations from vintage styles or, better yet, repurpose them within your new designs. 

  • Build a colour palette that uses a combination of rich shades layered with pastels and off-white tones. 

  • Light reflection is important, use mirrors, chandeliers, statement jewellery and even glassware to bounce it around. 

  • Use traditional prints and patterns over contemporary styles. 

  • Don’t skip out on the details; the Regency era was all about going that extra step to create refined luxury. Think plaster mouldings, perfectly flowing drapery, Additional fashion accessories like gloves or a statement necklace, ornate candlestick holders, and metallic finishings. 

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Written by Jordan Evans
author image
Written by Jordan Evans