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J January Furniture Show
FS 22-25 January 2023
M Manchester Furniture Show
FS 17-19 July 2022
T Top Drawer
D 15-17 January 2023
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TRENDS: Country Comforts

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If you’ve seen an influx of nostalgic, almost whimsical images creep into your social media feeds over the last couple of years, you’re certainly not alone. 

Creeping in at the tail end of 2019 and really making its mark last year, Cottagecore has fast defined itself as a style here to stay. Paying homage to homely settings and characterised by a nod to simpler, more sustainable, and cosier times—this look is ultimately built on the fantasy of modern rurality. 

Like many of the trends we are seeing in a post-pandemic world, this movement is about far more than just aesthetics. Instead, it can more accurately be described as an aspired way of life—evoking images of wild fields, freshly baked bread, arts and crafts, enamel cookware, floral prints, and embroidered textiles. 

But why are we suddenly drawn to the comforts of the countryside? Well, it’s not really that sudden…

The term Cottagecore first appeared on Tumblr in 2017, where users’ lust for a simpler, slower, more sustainable life could be illustrated through virtual mood boards created on the site. A trend that is considered largely inclusive, fans from all walks of life have taken to the style as its prevalence has grown.

Its popularity has, of course, only escalated further throughout Covid-19, with people across the world having spent time hunkered down in their homes, finding more time for leisurely pursuits, and considering less urban living as workplaces offer more flexibility than ever before. 

In stark contrast to the clean lines that sit at the heart of other trends, part of the country style’s appeal is the sense of cosiness and irregularity that is created by layered textures, prints, and comforting motifs. Colour palettes are softer, formed by pastel shades and tones of nature. 

In fashion, we’ve seen the past few seasons filled with embroidery, lace details, prairie dresses, floaty floral prints, chunky knits, and quaint accessories.  

In interiors, regardless of whether someone lives in an urban or country setting, people are turning to more traditional designs and balancing the new with the old. A surprise hit amongst younger consumers, the Le Cruset tag clocked up more than 12 million views on TikTok and The Sims 4 announced their ‘Cottagecore’ expansion pack just last month.

So, how can you master Country Comforts in your designs, store or home?

  • Over-accessorise your space using soft details like cushions, throws, curtains and lampshades. 

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns, colours and textures. 

  • Be intentional about your spaces and outfits. Take the time to accessorise, plan and enjoy. 

  • Embrace imperfections and irregularity. 

  • Create spaces and moments of tranquility and cosiness. 

  • Celebrate and enjoy the process of creating, growing, crafting, baking and making things as much as you do using or consuming them. 

  • And, ultimately, turn to nature as your primary source of inspiration.

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Written by Jordan Evans
author image
Written by Jordan Evans