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22-25 January 2023

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17-19 July 2022

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15-17 January 2023

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J January Furniture Show
FS 22-25 January 2023
M Manchester Furniture Show
FS 17-19 July 2022
T Top Drawer
D 15-17 January 2023
home Home & Gift Buyers Festival
&gift 17-20 July 2022

The Marvel of Marrs Green

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With the trend cycle shorter than ever before, it can be easy to think of colour as something that shifts in popularity from season to season - particularly in our homes and the outfits we wear. 

What can be forgotten when we see colour as something that is or isn't en vogue, however, is that it can be one of the most powerful things to shape feeling and emotion, which should always be the main driver as it’s applied. 

Wanting to know more about this connection between colour and emotion, in 2017, iconic papermakers, G.F Smith, set out to identify the world’s favourite colour, through a global project which asked nearly 27,000 people to share their favourite shades. The investigation, which lasted four months, also gave insight into the emotions and connotations of each tone in modern society; giving us colour insight that was more in-depth and usable than ever before. 

The favourite of them all? Marrs Green - named after Dundee’s Annie Marrs, who submitted the shade inspired by the River Tay. 

The teal shade, which somehow manages to strike the perfect balance between warm and cool, appeals to people for its hark back to nature and tranquillity, but in a more unexpected, modern way than a typical shade of green or blue. Trends may come and go, but this universally-appealing shade is here to stay. 

To learn more about colour psychology and find out what your favourite shade means to the masses, be sure to visit G.F Smiths microsite, World’s Favourite Colour.



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Written by Jordan Evans
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Written by Jordan Evans