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FS 17-19 July 2022
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The Social Directory: 14 Maximalist Interior Instagrammers

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It goes without saying that, when on the hunt for interior inspiration and insight, the more visual, the better—so it’s of no surprise that interior obsessives across the globe, amateur and expert alike, have built Instagram accounts dedicated solely to sharing their style, inspiration and knowledge with fellow enthusiasts. 

Despite what some may think, it takes an inordinate amount of skill to balance clutter, pattern clash and curated chaos when it comes to styling and designing with the maximalist trend in mind. Here to help inspire and guide you, in this edition of The Social Directory, we’ve curated a list of the very best specialists and designers who’ve nailed the aesthetic to follow on Instagram. 

1) Lucy Sear-Barlow | @barlowandbarlow | London 

Marked by a riotous sense of fun, colour and pattern, Lucy Barlow, founder of Barlow & Barlow is a must-follow for all things maximalist. Having vowed never to take the boring option, Lucy’s feed is filled with interior details that are as eccentric as they are chic.



2) Campbell Ray | @campbellrey | UK

The brainchild of designers Duncan Campbell and Charlotte Rey, this account will fill your feed with the most beautiful objects, pieces and designs from across every aesthetic and era; a true mecca for anyone that has interiors on the mind. 


3) Travis London | @travislondon | Miami

Celebrity chef turned Interior Designer, Travis London, has developed a distinct style based on his love of colour and pattern. A believer that design heals and connects, Travis’ designs are full of life and captivating warmth. 



4) Kit Kemp | @kitkempdesignthread | London 

With eight boutique hotels to her name, Co-founder and Creative Director of Firmdale Hotels, Kit Kemp, is the designer to know when it comes to modern takes on classic English interiors. With a mantra of ‘be as bold as you dare’ Kit’s work is admired all around the world by professionals and amateurs alike. 


5) Saudah Saleem | @saudahsaleeminteriors | New York

A native New Yorker, Saudah takes inspiration from the city she calls home, capturing its energy and diversity within her designs. Passionate about design, Saudah has a particular love of using pattern, unexpected colour combinations and a mix of both elegant and eclectic design elements to create a unique aesthetic that is sophisticated, yet approachable. 

6) Matthew Williamson | @matthewwilliamson | London

It would be impossible to talk about Maximalism without the inclusion of the master, Matthew Williamson. The Fashion Designer turned Interiors Elite has built a distinctive style based on carefully matched colours, textures and patterns with quirky, unexpected details bringing a sense of whimsy to every setting he touches. 


7) Claudia Bryant | @claudbry | UK

As an interior stylist and consultant whose work can be found in leading magazines across the globe, Claudia is a master of every aesthetic. But it is her masterful way of layering patterns, prints and colours that we love best. Be sure to follow this interior all-rounder on Instagram today. 


8) Sally Worts | @sallydoessassy | Yorkshire

Making the moody magnificent, Sally’s style epitomises modern glamour. Using unexpected detail and texture to create cosy but captivating spaces, this is the account to follow if you want to be inspired by an elevated eclectic take on interiors. 


9) Sandra Baker | @the_idle_hands | Yorkshire 

Renovating a Victorian house in Yorkshire, Sandra is a self-admitant obsessive when it comes to all things interiors, pattern and colour. A master at layering motifs, her home epitomises bringing the outside in. 


10) Mila | @mila_jestcafe | Los Angeles 

A Chilean living in Los Angeles, Mila documents her renovation projects where she injects vibrancy and personality into everything she does–all with a healthy dose of maximalism. 


11) Keia McSwain | @keiamcswain | Mississippi

Owner and principal designer at Kimberly and Cameron Interiors, and president of the Black Interior Designers Network, Keia McSwain has a knack for designs infused with personality, colour and culture. 


12) Peggy Ball | @interior_alchemy | Northern Ireland

Once describing her previous minimal home as a space where her ‘song was unsung’, Peggy means business when it comes to Maximalism. Transforming her new space into a playground for the senses, here you’ll find mixed mediums and styles applied with mastery. 


13) Erica Davies | @erica_davies | Suffolk 

Primarily a fashion account, it’s an unexpected joy to get a glimpse at Erica’s beautiful, vibrant home. Though interior posts are less frequent than the rest, they are worth the wait and packed full of inspiration for creating spaces and designs packed full of personality. 


14) Siobhan Hannah Murphy | @interiorcurve | Yorkshire

A fan favourite from the most recent season of Interior Design Masters, Siobhan’s interior style is the epitome of fun. Packing in the personality through vibrant colour palettes and patterns, we dare you not to smile when one of her designs appears in your feed. 


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Written by Jordan Evans
author image
Written by Jordan Evans