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22-25 January 2023

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17-19 July 2022

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15-17 January 2023

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17-20 July 2022

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J January Furniture Show
FS 22-25 January 2023
M Manchester Furniture Show
FS 17-19 July 2022
T Top Drawer
D 15-17 January 2023
home Home & Gift Buyers Festival
&gift 17-20 July 2022
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According to Etsy, it’s all about Emerald Green in 2022

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Emerald green is trending across interiors and fashion—expected to be a hero shade of 2022. Whilst most shades of green symbolises nature and tranquillity, emerald’s richness instead represents growth, harmony and wealth. Colour psychologists believe it also promotes a sense of relaxation, peace and clarity, particularly balancing emotions and refreshing the mind, and reminding us to all seek balance this year. 


This appeal of this regal shade has seen searches for emerald items grow by 64% on the popular marketplace, Etsy—leading them to officially announce it as their colour of the year

The Favourite Jewel in our Home

A dominant and powerful shade, emerald brings a sense of refinement and elegance to any space. Striking the perfect balance of calming and bold, emerald can bring an air of mystery, excitement, harmony or simplicity through pairing it with complementary, equally as regal accessories, or by contrasting the shade with neutral tones and earthy textures. 


Emerald Fashion

In fashion, emerald green has a long history of representing nobility and wealth, as well as modesty when paired with more muted shades of white, brown and beige. In 2022, the shade is being reinvigorated within clothing; capturing its elegance but modernising it through interesting applications and shapes. At his S/S22 London Fashion Week show, Richard Malone showcased a collection anchored by greys and blues but punctuated by interestingly draped pops of emerald within the pieces’ swathing fabrics and frilly trims. He carried this same affection for the shade through to his collection with iconic leather goods brand, Mulberry. 

In jewellery, the emerald is making a comeback, both in costume pieces and grand gestures for brides to be; especially as the shade has an added air of romance, representing fidelity and eternity. 

For our retailers, be sure to add green in your collections this year, it's the colour to look for!

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Written by Jordan Evans
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Written by Jordan Evans