January Furniture Show

23-26 January 2022

Manchester Furniture Show

18-21 July 2021

12-14 Sept 2021
16-18 Jan 2022

Home & Gift Buyers’ Festival

18-21 July 2021





J January Furniture Show
FS 23-26 January 2022
M Manchester Furniture Show
FS 18-21 July 2021
T Top Drawer
D 12-14 Sept 2021 | 16-18 Jan 2022
home Home & Gift Buyers Festival
&gift 18-21 July 2021
REVEAL brings together the UK’s largest network of sought-after furniture, gift and lifestyle buyers and sellers. Brand new designs, products, lines and labels every day – REVEAL is the place for the product obsessed.

With more than 130 years’ combined experience across Home & Gift, Top Drawer, and January and Manchester Furniture events, we live for the thrill of trade-show discovery. As retail shifts into a 24/7 digital world, REVEAL is keeping that thrill alive, 365.

REVEAL is an online wholesale marketplace for buyers to discover and source the products their customers don’t know they need yet. A place for retailers to uncover new trends, explore the latest collections, connect with artisans, craft makers and brands, and get the inside perspective on future classics. For suppliers, it’s a 24/7 digital shopfront, placing product at eye-level for thousands of buyers. It’s a new online showroom to connect with your customers on your terms.

The promise of trade-show discovery and connection still brings the industry’s best together once a year. REVEAL is there for every day in between.